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Practice Questions and Past Papers for G543

Practice Questions and Past Papers for G543


If you really want to get the best marks possible in the real exam, then one of the best things you can do is practice potential and past exam papers.

A key problem for many students is their timing, which is a problem in all exams, but it is especially key in G543 Psychology exam because you have to be able to rapidly recall sections, subsections and studies from a few keywords. This is why I have written at the top of each study page: ‘this is the first study from … further categorised into …’ – when you are asked a question in the exam it may have the key phrase ‘weapons focus’, in which case you know you need to talk about Loftus et al (1987).

Practicing these exam questions and timing yourself will help you work on exam technique and your speed of recall.

If you are having trouble remembering all the studies in an organised manner, get the eBook in the sidebar, which has several useful revision tips.  Continue reading Practice Questions and Past Papers for G543